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Vision Statement


The Afghan American Cultural Center has been established and approved as a not-for-profit Corporation 501(c) (3) by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and State of California.  This organization will carry on all of its activities and affairs according to the rules and regulations exclusively set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the non-profit organizations.  Under the 501(c) (3) Code,

Specific Objectives and Purposes

AACC is a non-political non-partisan organization.  This organization is established to provide a forum for all Afghans residing in Southern California for promoting unity, harmony and brotherhood amongst themselves, to preserve their Afghan cultural values and traditions, and to transfer it to the future generations of Afghan Americans.

Vision Statement:

To be the leading voice for promoting unity among all Afghan-Americans, introducing Afghan Culture and traditions, and nurturing a positive relationship with the community at large.

Mission Statement:

  • AACC is committed to serve the Afghan communities in Southern California and bring unity, harmony and create mutual respect among all Afghans regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, language, and age.
  • AACC is committed to preserve the Afghan culture and heritage, languages and rich traditions and carry them to the future generations of Afghan Americans.
  • AACC is dedicated to provide educational programs for Afghan youth and children to learn their native languages and culture.
  • AACC is committed to promote cultural and traditional exhibits at various local and international events to introduce Afghan culture and traditions.
  • AACC is dedicated to provide various forums for all segments of Afghan communities to celebrate their national, cultural holidays, historical events, and religious festivals to enrich their life with cultural diversity.
  • AACC is dedicated to provide a forum, where all Afghan professionals and business owners can network with each other, and to facilitate various voluntary professional services to benefit the Afghan American community.

Goals and Objectives:  

  • Represent the interests of the Afghan-American community
  • Foster and promote communication, interaction, and exchange of ideas among Afghan people of various social, economic, religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Establish endowments, host seminars, conferences, and produce high-quality educational programs to promote its mission.
  • Foster friendship and understanding between Afghan-Americans and other communities in USA.
  • Mobilize the community and develop effective coalition with like-minded organizations to advocate certain actions that are favorable to the Afghan-American community and improves the US-Afghan friendships at all levels.